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Dragginwood Announces Another Extraordinary Opportunity!

There is always some magic that stays with us even though we feel as if the "fairies" are not in our house, or garden, or around us waiting to find a way to whisper secrets in our ears.The world of enchantment never leaves us just when we think it is gone for good!

Dragginwood not only has the incredible chance to sell some of Mary Baxter St. Clair's original artwork, but we also had the good fortune of locating at least 20 more of the canvases and giclee's. Some of these are best sellers like "The Enchantress" or "Little Green Prince" and even a mermaid "Song of Enchantment." They were stored in another gallery and by some searching, good luck and just plain magic, we can offer them to you. All of these paintings are very rare and you may finally add to your collection. We are truely amazed at this opportunity and since Mary is retired she definately will no longer be putting any of these limited images on canvas again.

We hope you are as excited as we are here at Dragginwood. Please visit our shopping cart and pick that special artwork that you missed before our store closed last year. It is our good fortune and we hope you feel the same way!

Previously Unavailable Originals
For the first time ever in Dragginwood's history we are able to offer you 3 of Mary Baxter St. Clair's original artwork.Mary is an award-winning artist whose fabulous work graced our gallery and our homes for years.

These incredible paintings are truly one of a kind major works of art. The three original paintings are some of the prized images that have sold for years in only limited edition canvas transfers. Please note that each original painting is famed in golden antique-style frames in a large format with magnificent colors and intricate details. Every brush stroke evokes her magical touch and brings to life the fairy world that Mary envisions in her thoughts and imagination. The models for her paintings have been her friends or family. Re-connect with your innocence and sense of wonder and dare to believe in magic, beauty and love in a world created from the heart. We are so pleased to be able to offer these to her adoring fans for a very short time. Mary's art was intended to be loved and shared. As Mary is retired, this is a rare gift for those who have collected her artwork over the years. Please join us in thanking Mary for allowing us this opportunity.

"The Enchantress" 30X30 $15,000

"Fairy Kisses" 16X20 $5,500

"Under the Rainbow" 18X24 $5,500

We don't expect that these paintings will be available for long, so we won't rush you, but we do look forward to speaking with you at any time. Shop Online, contact us online or call 831-426-9106.

After 27 years in Capitola and Santa Cruz, we have closed our doors! We continue to maintain our website, offering what remains of the artwork of Mary Baxter St. Clair.

We have had an amazing "ride" with thousands of wonderful customers, friends, children, fairies, dragons and all magical creatures that came into our "life," some of which will be carried on thru Avalon Visions in Capitola....we began when a store like this did not exist before and we feel very honored to have been a part of this community in so many different ways. I, myself, feel priviledged to have participated in many events both in Capitola and Santa Cruz and feel I added a bit of my own "fairy dust" to this amazing village. Thanks to everyone who was in, involved and invested in my own "fantasy"!

thanks so much,
June, Mother Dragon
Owner Dragginwood and the Magic Crystals

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